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Aluminium garden edging, planters and more...

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What is anodised aluminium garden edging ?

Being a landscaping company for 15+ years we had the opportunity to use almost all of the garden edging products available on the market.

This knowledge provided us with valuable insights that lead us to invent the world’s most trusted garden edging system.

Anodising is a surface treatment applied during manufacturing that provides an anti-corrosive barrier that is resistant to scratching, corrosion, and rust.

Ideal for coastal conditions, and acidic soil types.

Can I install Hedge above & below ground ?
The simple answer is YES!
Whether you are considering a raised border or looking to have your borders flush with your lawn for a clean modern look. Hedge garden edging products provide consumers with an all-in-one above or below ground garden edging solution.
Where can aluminium garden edging be installed

Hedge is manufactured to an architectural grade standard, beautifully designed, on-trend colours that compliment your home, allowing you to create straight lines and curves seamlessly.

– Garden borders
– Lawns
– Mulched garden beds
– Pebble paths, borders and driveways
– Swale drains
– Paved edging restraint
– Driveways
– Asphalt paths and driveways
– Rooftops
– Concrete formwork and expansion joints


Galvanised steel garden edging

Hedge provides a clean galvanised steel finish the ideal solution where corten may rust or leach and stain against pavers, concrete or structures.

Corten steel garden edging

Hedge has re-invented a classical material to provide trade professionals with a zero fabrication low-cost edging product complete with fixing systems.


Staining and leaching will occur please do not install against concrete, tile or paved areas. We suggest placing corten as a garden or lawn border only not in contact with hard surfaces.

Straight lines and curves

Wether you wish to create a straight or gentle curves Hedge provides the perfect solution

Eco Wood

WPC composite wood garden edging

Recycling, upcycling and reusing waste products are key to our innovation team at Hedge.

Our New WPC composite wood garden edging, complete with a fixing system and brushed wood surface finish is the ideal edging solution for paths and borders across residential and commercial applications.

Above or below ground installation
All of our innovative garden edging products are designed for quick, simple, low-cost installation.
Hedge patented garden edging products have been designed with a clean smooth face and concealed fixing system, providing DIY and landscaping professionals with an all-in-one above or below ground garden edging solution.
What is WPC composite wood garden edging made from

WPE is a carefully blended mix of recycled waste materials widely used to manufacture composite wood decking.

W = Wood

P = Plastic

C = Composite

We collect these waste materials to create our award-winning WPC garden edging and in partnership with our local university have developed a formula that provides strength, flexibility and UV longevity.

Our students are dedicated to solving today’s waste for a better tomorrow.

Recycled Plastic

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

We have reduced the amount of packaging we use, use recycled materials where we can, and transport products in reusable packaging.

Less waste going to landfill is a good thing.

How to install hedge plastic garden edging

Simply layout your plastic edging to your desired shape.

Use 3 steel spikes (Included) per 1-metre length through holes for a firm installation.

Joining each length together is simple, each length has a male-female connection that simply snaps together.

Create perfect curves by simply cutting the back of the plastic tabs along the base using secateurs or scissors and bending the edging into the desired shape whilst securing it in place with steel fixing provided.

How do I connect my irrigation pipe to my garden edging

Easy! Simply choose either 13mm or 19mm irrigation clips (sold separately) and insert these to the rear of your plastic garden edging.

Then just simply attach your poly pipe to the clips located along the rear of your garden edge. All you need then is to purchase some micro-sprays and barbed ends that connect to the main irrigation line and you can move these as your garden grows.

Now you will always know where your irrigation pipe is and no more repair kits are required when planting.

We help you to create
award-winning outdoor spaces


We wouldn’t dream of using anything but quality finishes across our range of garden products.


Whether it’s is a small courtyard, residential development, golf course, resort, rooftop or public space, we can help to provide the ideal edging solution, whatever your budget.

*No rusting, corrosion, welding, screws, pop rivets, clumsy fixings or additional onsite metal fabrication is required.


It was just so easy to install and it saves us time on maintaining our borders and paths.

Julene, Online Customer

We tried similar garden edging products and they ended up costing us more time and money to replace. Hedge works every time

Perth Australia, Landscaping Company

We have been distributing garden products since 1980. Our customers and retail partners trust Hedge.

Hedge Japan, Distributor


From durable anodised surface finishes to our patented click & connect fixing system,

We’ve gone the extra mile.

It started with a simple idea: Deliver quality, well-designed products for landscaping professionals and architects.

Daniel Gobbo

Landscaper / Founder

The DifferenceMade by landscapers, for landscapers

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