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Get the edge thats right for you
Pebble garden edging

Eco Edge

Straight lines & curves
  • Used as a division between landscape materials, soil, gravel, mulches, stone, paving, lawn etc
  • Ideal for commercial landscapes, resorts, mining camps, residential communities.
  • Above or below ground installation
  • Anit rot, split, warping technology.
  • Quick installation
  • For best results, cut using a standard wood drop saw and blade
  • Optional hand wood saw can be used
Edge Wooden Lawn Edging

Acacia Wood


We are landscapers,

Hedge is committed to a greener, more sustainable product range. Where we can, we are reducing the amount of waste packaging, using recycled materials in our manufacturing and re-using waste products normally sent to landfills.

Our sustainable eco wood garden edging products provide all the benefits of real wood, without having to cut down more trees to produce them.

What is eco wood ?

Eco wood is one of our most innovative garden edging products since our patented aluminium garden edging system was invented.

  • Wood – Waste sawdust.
  • Plastic – Recycled milk bottles and water bottles.
  • Composite – Resin

We carefully blend all these recycled materials together according to our specifications, creating the ultimate wood look garden edging product.

How is eco wood made ?

We love that our clients love learning about how we make cool products.

After we blend all of our recycled materials together, we gently melt them to a temperature so they can be extruded through our die. We quickly cool the material and it holds its shape to produce what is our garden edging design.

It is then taken to our finishing dept where we apply the sanded or wood grain finishes.

That’s how we make Eco Wood

How is eco wood installed ?

Eco wood is easily installed with a few tools that you will already own.

  • Hammer – A claw hammer to install steel fixing spikes.
  • Wood Saw – A wood handsaw to cut eco wood edging lengths to size.

It’s that easy

No screws, no drills, no sledgehammer just click n connect.

Is eco wood recyclable ?


In fact, eco wood can be recycled up to 100 times. We are taking waste materials normally bound for landfill, making something green out of them and allowing future generations to recycle them over and over again.


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