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Get the edge thats right for you
Edge Garden Border

Garden Edging

Straight lines & curves
  • Used as a division between landscape materials, soil, gravel, mulches, stone, paving, lawn etc
  • Ideal for tree rings and surrounds
  • Above or below ground installation
  • To create curves simply cut tabs located at the rear using secateurs or hack saw
Grey Stone and concrete Edging

Paving Restraint


Recycled plastic edging products, cleaning up yesterday’s problems for a cleaner tomorrow.

Hedge recycled plastic garden edging is by far the most durable, easy to use plastic garden edging system on the market.

Forget about the rolled plastic and clumsy spikes that go over the top and still fall over, you know the one. The kinks that you can never quite seems to get straight no matter what you do.

Hedge developed an affordable plastic garden edging product that removed the hassle to provide a quick hassle-free installation that works every time.

Complete with in-built joiners, hidden fixings, we will help you to create perfect tree surrounds, straight lines and curves with ease.

What is the difference between Hedge and the rolled plastic edging ?


Let’s be honest, the rolled plastic edging that is supplied is not really a work of art, is it? No matter what you do you just can’t seem to get it straight and the spikes that go over the top of the garden edging, well they just don’t seem to keep it straight no matter what you do.

Hedge plastic edging is a complete system, from joining to installation we guarantee straight lines and curves will be perfect every time.

Can I move the edging if my design changes ?

Yes, you can

Hedge plastic garden edging can easily be moved as your garden grows or design plans change.

What tools do I need for installation ?

Great question.

All you need is a great imagination and some tools that you’ll already have at home being the keen gardener that you are.

  • Secateurs – Used to cut tabs located at the base of your garden edging when you wish to create curves.
  • Hammer – Used to install steel fixing spikes through the rear of the plastic edging and secure it to the ground according to your desired shape.
  • Hacksaw – Used to cut plastic garden edging.

That’s it

How do I attach my irrigation pipe to my garden edge ?

Easy! Simply choose either 13mm or 19mm irrigation clips (sold separately) and insert these to the rear of your plastic garden edging.

Then just simply attach your poly pipe to the clips located along the rear of your garden edge. All you need then is to purchase some micro-sprays and barbed ends that connect to the main irrigation line and you can move these as your garden grows.

Now you will always know where your irrigation pipe is and no more repair kits are required when planting.


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